The SAVE Women

The effects of terrorism are all-encompassing: individual lives are forever changed, society is shaken, the economy must reconfigure itself, academics seek explanations, and politicians look for appropriate punitive and preventative measures. Women, however, have thus far not played a central role in the fight against terror—combating violent extremism has largely been men’s territory. Over the last two years, SAVE has built up a network of women in 15 countries who are positioned to act as agents of change in their communities, and to make women's voices heard at the highest political levels. These women come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but through the SAVE network, they are able to share their experiences, stories and best practices for tackling violent extremism.


Shaharzad Akbar, Weidenfeld scholar and first Afghan woman to study at Oxford University




Shahira Amin, former Deputy Head of Nile TV, stepped down during height of Revolution in Egypt, interviewed Secretary Clinton on her official visit

Shaimaa Abdel Fattah, teacher and student workshop leader, Empower Peace’s Egyptian counterpart
Hibaaq Osman,
Somali Founder of El Karama, V-Day’s Middle Eastern Partner




Aicha el Wafi, mother of Zacarias Moussaoui, recipient of Die Quadriga award



Archana Kapoor, publisher of Hardnews, a Delhi-based monthly political magazine; filmmaker and head of a radio station;

Vinita Kamte, her husband, a police officer, was killed in the 26/11 Bombay terrorist attack after wounding Ajmal Kasab, author of To The Last Bullet

Kamala Ganesh, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai

Kanchana Mahadevan, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Mumbai                         

Maniu Singh, Founder, WorldKids Foundation

Shobhaa De, Bollywood Actress, Best-selling Author, Columnist, Journalist




Dewirini Anggraeni, leads SAVE Student programs for CePDeS; Co-initiator of Indonesia




Anat Vovnoboy, young Israeli journalist and documentary filmmaker

Robi Damelin, activist in the Parents Circle; her son, an Israeli soldier was shot by a Palestinian sniper at a checkpoint in 2002
Ruth Eglash,
a reporter and editor for The Jerusalem Post; Recipient of the United Nations Alliance of Civilization and the International Center for Journalist's X-Cultural Reporting Award




Rola Dashti, activist and one of the first women to join the Kuwaiti Parliament in 2009; SAVE advisor



Northern Ireland

May de Silva, director of the organization Women into Politics, Chair of the Northern Ireland Policing Board’s Women’s reference group, and part of the NI Peace by Piece Consortium
Anne Carr, peace building pioneer, set up and spearheaded nationwide campaigns addressing education for change and piece; founder of the first integrated school in Northern Ireland

 Norma Shearer, CEO of Training for Women Network

Catherine Cooke, Co-coordinator of Foyle Women's Information Network, spearheads
cross- community reconciliation and peace work, set up a mobile phone warning network across communities.

 Maureen Fox, Outreach Worker, Women into Public Life




Esther Ibanga, preacher in Jos Plateau, organized 100,000 women march to protest Jos massacres in 2010

Khadija Gambo Hawajah, chairperson of the Plateau State Muslim Women Peace Forum




Arshi Saleem Hashmi, Senior Research Analyst, Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad
Farhat Akram, Assistant Research Officer at the Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI), Executive Editor of the Diplomatic Insight magazine
Falaknaz Asfandyar, widow of Asfandyar Amirzeb, former provincial Minister of the Swat Valley and member of the Royal Family

Shabana Fayyaz, Assistant Professor at the Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

Sitara Jabeen, Student of Peace and Conflict Studies, National Defense University, Islamabad

Hina Anwar Ali, Youth Activist and Architect

Shaheen Akhtar, Research Fellow, Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad

Sidra Tariq, Research Student, Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad




Maysoun Qawasmi, journalist, manager of Palestine News agency (Wafa) and women's rights activist; heads an indipendent all-female party

Nida Ibrahim, journalist in Palestine



Saudi Arabia

Dr. Maha Muneef, consultant in the Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases Department, King Abdulaziz Medical City, Executive Director of the National Family Safety Program
Fawziah al Bakr, professor at the King Saud University in Riyadh
Anis Haroon, chairperson of the Commission of the Status of Women, founder of the Women´s Division of the Pakistan People’s Party
Anita Pratap, first female CNN desk officer in South East Asia, lived in Riyadh from 2003 until 2008




Maimuna Mahmud, founder and president of the Oxford Somali Society; researcher in forced migration and women's rights activist




Gill Hicks, survivor of the 7/7 bombings and founder of MAD - Making a Difference for Peace, author of "One Unknown: A Remarkable Account of Survival", Australian Woman of the Year

Sarah Stewart, professor at the School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

 Sabin Malik, Community Cohesion Coordinator and Advisor to the Home Office

Vicky Ibrahim, mother of Andrew Ibrahim, who was accused of plotting to bomb the Bristol shopping center




Ann Veneman, former Executive Director of UNICEF, "Friends of Women without Borders", Board member

Carla Goldstein, Director of the Women's Institute at the Omega Institute, 'Friends of Women without Borders"

Cordelia Yoon, Assistant VP at N.Y. Life Worldwide Holding and “Friends of Women without Borders”, Board member

Candy Cucharo, Director of Program Development at Tuesday's Children
Christie Coombs, lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks, Founder of the Jeffrey Coombs Foundation, freelance journalist

Jacquelyn Mayfield, President and Founder of Mayfield Consulting, President of "Friends of Women without Borders" 

Pat Mitchell, President of the Paley Center for Media, "Friends of Women without Borders", Board member




Dr. Bilqis Jubari, Director of the Family Counselling and Development Foundation

Fahmia al Fotih’, SAVE Yemen’s local coordinator, extensive experience as a journalist and teacher
Nadia al Sakkaf, editor of Yemen Times, only woman in such a position in the country, recipient of the first Gebran Tueni Award in December 2006

Fatima al Zuhairi, Manager of the Rabia al Adawea school for girls, facilitates educational exchange programs between Yemen and Wales

Noor Ba’abbad, Cabinet Member, Member of the Higher Counsel for Women headed by the Prime Minister




Madame Shadya Karume, former First Lady of Zanzibar, founding member and chairperson of ZAYEDESA (Zanzibar Youth, Education, Environment and Development Support Association)

 Khadija Mohammed, senior official in the Zanzibar Ministry of Education and women's empowerment advocate.





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Esther Ibanga and Khadija Hawaja from Nigeria

Arshi Saleem Hashmi and Kamala Ganesh