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21. Dezember 2015

Women without Borders Christmas Greetings

And all the best for the New Year

Dear Women without Borders/SAVE friends and partners,

It has been a busy year, distressing in many ways, but still there are rays of hope. While terrorism around the globe tries to undermine our common belief in humanity, a particular group is counteracting it. Mothers who have lost their children to Syria, and mothers who are fighting to keep them are coming together as a global security force. They are taking on the growing threat of violent extremism, right where they are: at the home front.
Their message is clear: each one of us has the responsibility to stand up against this incitement, extremism and violence in our capacities as educators, social workers, parents, politicians and human beings.

With optimism for the coming year!

Happy holidays!

Edit Schlaffer & the Women without Borders/SAVE Team


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