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11. Dezember 2014

The Vienna Mothers MOVE Declaration

Im Anschluss an die Frauen ohne Grenzen Konferenz "The Lure of Syria: Working with Mothers for Strategies and Solutions" entstand die unten stehende Mothers MOVE (Mothers Opposing Violent Extremism) Deklaration

December 9, 2014

We join together in Vienna with mothers who lost their sons and daughters to the lure of Syria, to recognize and humanize the journey of their children and families. As mothers who have experienced the radicalization of their children, they want to be heard, included and supported as credible partners in security strategies.

1.    Mothers request the support of national networks and international platforms that provide support and space to channel their inputs into the buildup of a new security paradigm that includes civil society. 

2.    Mothers should be provided with tailored trainings to strengthen their know-how and confidence, to play a role in their homes and communities as early detection and intervention systems.

3.    Mothers need to be involved and included in security policy meetings to share and inform national strategic prevention mechanisms.

4.    Mothers welcome Role Models and Mentorship programs for disoriented and vulnerable youth.

5.    Mothers need to bring the stories of disillusioned and disappointed voices from the frontlines to reframe and challenge the grasp of recruiters.

6.    Mothers can be an emotional lifeline and driving force for rehabilitation for those returning.  


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