SAVE Filmpräsentation und Diskussion in Oxford

19.10.2009  18:00
Brasenose College, Oxford

Sisters Against Violent Extremism unites women against violent extremism: raising awareness, encouraging peaceful alternatives and promoting a global response.

SAVE and OxWip will be screening a 13-minute documentary, "Journeys Through Darkness," that depicts the stories of three women affected by terrorism in very different ways. SAVE are currently starting a campaign in the UK to show the film on university campuses and within women´s and mothers' groups to engage the participants in a dialogue about the film and extremism.

After the screening, Dr. Edit Schlaffer, founder of Women without Borders and SAVE, will present the global SAVE campaign and will lead a discussion with Hadiya Masieh, a former member of an Islamist group whose story the film profiles.

Please join us and attend what is sure to be a very thought-provoking event.

The event will take place on Monday, October 19th at 6pm
Lecture room 11, Brasenose College


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